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Laughlin Health Care Foundation (LHCF) was organized in 1994 to provide support to Laughlin Memorial Hospital and its health care affiliates: Laughlin Healthcare Center and Laughlin Home Health.

Your Gift Makes a Difference…

Funds raised through the LHCF provide for programs and services that would not be possible without the support of a caring community. Your generosity allows us to provide the excellent programs and services you have come to expect from Laughlin Memorial Hospital.

Laughlin Health Care Foundation Mission Statement...

Laughlin Health Care Foundation is a not-for-profit, philanthropic organization concerned with the long-term health care needs of our community and with health care education.

The Foundation is dedicated to building strong relationships with the community and providing opportunity for investments in the future of health care at Laughlin Memorial Hospital, Laughlin Healthcare Center, and Laughlin Home Health.

Laughlin Health Care Foundation is led by dedicated volunteers, who are committed to preserving, enhancing, and advancing the quality of health care in the area.

Philanthropy is…
The voluntary giving and receiving of time and resources, frequently within an organizational context, directed toward charitable purposes and/or betterment of the quality of life.

Copyright: Saint Mary's University Graduate School of Philanthropy and Development Class of 1991

Since 1939 the name Laughlin has stood for superior healthcare, attracting and maintaining a pool of highly skilled medical professionals to deliver superior healthcare to this community. We are now offering an opportunity for individuals and corporations to become healthcare partners and to assist interested parties in meeting their charitable impulses through a variety of giving programs.

The foundation's establishment is will help provide care into the next century and beyond.

There was a time when foundations and endowments were only for the rich: wealthy people and successful organizations. The Laughlin Health Care Foundation will make it possible for everyone to be a philanthropist.

As Laughlin Memorial Hospital, Laughlin Healthcare Center, and Laughlin Home Health are positioned to be the lead providers of healthcare in Greeneville and Greene County, philanthropy will play an increasingly important role in our ability to deliver the best facilities, technology, comprehensive education, and outreach programs for the residents of our community.

An old Chinese proverb states: 'Without vision, we and our institutions perish.' The foundation is an investment for the present and in the generations that will follow us.

Your comments are invited. The foundation office is located on the first floor of the Laughlin Memorial Hospital. The phone number is 423.787.5117. Betty S. Weemes, MA, CFRE, is the founding director of Laughlin Health Care Foundation.

Laughlin Health Care Foundation
1420 Tusculum Blvd.
Greeneville, TN 37745