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LMH Health Information Library

The Health Information Library, located in the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health at Laughlin Memorial Hospital, has just added, 210 new health-related books, which brings the total of books in the library to approximately 420.  Plus, 12 new DVDs have been added.

The Health Information Library is a free resource that provides health and wellness materials for the entire community.

The library features books on various subjects including: breast health, nutrition and fitness, heart health, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, neurological conditions, men’s health, menopause, pregnancy, parenting, and much more.

Call the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health for exact times that the library is open: 787.5123.

Features of the library, as follows:

  • A loan library with a collection of books, references, magazines, and DVDs
  • Complimentary Internet access for web browsing and research of health topics
  • DVD player stations for viewing of library DVDs
  • Printing of Internet and reference Information (no charge for up to 20 pages per day)
  • Free health information brochures
  • Complimentary membership
  • Photo ID required for membership and checking out materials
  • Quiet sitting and reading area

Click here for a complete listing of books available.