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September News - 911 Emergency Training & Dictionary Distribution

NEWS RELEASE  -  September 9, 2016  -  Contact:  Betty S. Weemes, Laughlin Health Care Foundation, 787-5117.

Photo:  (seated left to right)  Betty Weemes, director, Laughlin Health Care Foundation, co-chair of Youth Builders School Assistance Committee,  and Jerry Bird, director of Greene County 911.  Christine Huss, co-chair of the Youth Builders School Assistance Committee, was unable to attend the meeting.  This committee supports the 911 Emergency Training Program and distribution of dictionaries provided by the Niswonger Foundation.

Youth Builders of Greeneville, Greene County 911, Laughlin Memorial Hospital, and Laughlin Health Care Foundation are giving children throughout the community two very important supports: the 911 EmergencyTraining Program and Niswonger Dictionary Project.  The 911 Training Program teaches kindergarten students in Greeneville and Greene County schools to make an emergency phone call.  And, a very worthwhile addition to the School Assistance Committee’s responsibility is the Niswonger Foundation Dictionary Project.  The committee will distribute the dictionaries for the Niswonger Foundation to members of all third-grade classes in the community and make a short presentation to the students about using the dictionaries.  The Niswonger Foundation financially supports the dictionary program.

The tool that is used to train the students to make a 911 call is a simulator that combines a working phone and a voice activated hand-held control to initiate the exact type of conversation that would take place between the 911 operator and a young caller.

Laughlin Memorial Hospital and Laughlin Health Care Foundation entered a partnership with Greene County 911 and Youth Builders of Greeneville in 1998 to bring this community benefit program to the schools.  These four organizations provide financial resources and volunteer time for the 911 Training Program because it can save lives; shorten a stay in the hospital; or, in some cases, eliminate hospitalization.

Personnel from individual schools are in the process of choosing a day for the programs to be presented in their school.  The programs will begin Tuesday, October 4.  Please call 787-5117, Laughlin Health Care Foundation, to schedule a program.

The first Youth Builders meeting of the year will be at noon on September 28 at Greeneville Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 201 North Main Street.  To learn more about the organization, contact Youth Builders President Becky Rideout at 423-631-6196 or

Youth Builders of Greeneville is one of oldest service clubs in the community.  It was established in 1946 with a goal to promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, church, and community.