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September News Release - Grady Community Service Award Nominations

NEWS RELEASE  -  September 21, 2016  -  Contact:  Betty S. Weemes .. 787.5117

Planning for the upcoming Blanche W. Grady Community Service Award event, Standing, (left to right) Betty S. Weemes, executive director, Laughlin Health Care Foundation and  Scott M. Niswonger, representing the Niswonger Family, benefactors of the Grady Award.  Seated, (left to right) Tom Gregory, co-chair, Laughlin Health Care Foundation Board of Trustees.  Doug Cogburn, 2015 recipient of the Grady Award; and Wilhelmina Williams, co-chair, Laughlin Health Care Foundation Board of Trustees.

The Laughlin Health Care Foundation is now accepting nominations for the Blanche W. Grady Community Service Award to be presented at an awards dinner at the General Morgan Inn Conference Center in November. Deadline for the nomination forms to be received in the Foundation office is October 7, 2016.

The award was established in 1996 with the Laughlin Health Care Foundation through the generosity of the Scott M. Niswonger Family, to honor Mr. Niswonger’s mother, the late Sharon Niswonger, and recognize their good and faithful friend, the late Blanche W. Grady, who worked tirelessly in the community without public recognition of her good deeds.  The award process seeks to identify individuals in the community, who, like Mrs. Grady, have worked behind the spotlight to accomplish extraordinary community service.

Many times, an individual from a specific organization will be nominated by the organization in which he/she has membership, but that is not a requirement of the award.  Any organization or individual can nominate someone from the community-at-large, if this is a preference. In other words, perhaps the individual has been involved with certain projects, but is not a member of the organization, and the organization feels the contributions of this individual merits being nominated for the Grady Award or an individual is recognized as being a valuable asset to the community; certainly, those nominations are encouraged, also.

Re-nominations of individuals from previous years are also encouraged.

An anonymous selection committee, made up of prominent community leaders, will review nomination forms and identify the individual(s) to be recognized for outstanding service to the community and its people. 

The application requires that individuals be nominated for one or all of the following three categories:
 1) Advocacy on behalf of people, issues or concerns that otherwise may be without effective voices;
 2) Community change for individuals whose efforts have brought about significant change in the community or whose work has produced an effective model for significant community changes;
 3) Personal service to help alleviate the condition of some less favored group, serve as a catalyst for self-respect and self-reliance, or stimulate more serious responsibilities to others in our community.

The award has two unique qualities:  First, future recipients should be citizens who are not typically in the limelight, but are performing public service.  Then, once they are publicly recognized at the awards’ dinner, the recipients will work with Laughlin Health Care Foundation to distribute a monetary award of $5000 to benefit healthcare organizations or for healthcare education programs.

The perpetual award celebrates the life of Blanche W. Grady, a well-known and highly respected community leader, who gave selflessly of her time and talents throughout her life.

Individuals and organizations are encouraged to nominate a candidate, who has worked for the betterment of our community and has done so with little or no recognition. 

Letters requesting nominations have been mailed to numerous organizations, but additional forms and support information are available by calling the Laughlin Health Care Foundation office, 787.5117.