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April News Release - Information About Prescription Medicines

NEWS RELEASE  -  April 11, 2017  -  Contact:  Betty S. Weemes .. 787.5117

Have you been med-u-cated recently?  Come join us for this month’s Passport 55 program on Thursday, April 20h at 10:00 am, Roby Adult Center when Alan Corley, DPh, owner/manager of Corley’s Pharmacy and Corley Pharmacy Solutions will present this important educational session.  He and students from the GenerationRx organization of ETSU Gatton College of Pharmacy will present the program, “Appropriate Use, Storage, and Destruction of Prescription Medicines.” 

Photo:  Alan Corley, DPh

As we age, we are often faced with health conditions that need regular and ongoing treatment through medication.  It is important to be aware that increased use of medications and normal body changes caused by aging can increase the chance of unwanted or even harmful drug interactions.

It is important to educate yourself on the proper use and storage of medications and to understand accepted and safe ways to remove prescription and over the counter medications from the home.  These topics and more will be addressed at April’s Passport 55.

Additionally, featured material from the Health Information Library at Laughlin Memorial Hospital will be recognized as part of Passport 55.  It is a publication from the Department of Health and Human Services entitled, “Medicines in my Home.”  This material, along with over 450 other health-related books, can be checked-out at the Health Information Library, located in Laughlin Center for Women’s Health.  In addition to books, there are videos, magazines, newsletters, and more on health-related issues available at the Health Information Library.  Membership is free.

Printed material will be available at the program to help you better meet your needs of use, storage, and destruction of prescription medicines.
Passport 55 is a health-related, free program, open to the public as a community service.  It is presented the third Thursday of each month at Roby Adult Center, 203 College Street by Laughlin Memorial Hospital in partnership with the Center.

For additional information, contact the Laughlin Health Care Foundation at 787.5117.