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November News - Giving Tuesday for “Feeding the Children of Greeneville and Greene County"

NEWS RELEASE  -  November 18, 2017  -  Contact:  Betty Weemes ... 787-5117


Tuesday, November 28 is a global day of giving.  Celebrate the holiday season on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving by making a gift to Feeding the Children of Greeneville and Greene County, or before, if you prefer.

Did you know that one in four children in our county is considered “food insecure,” meaning that they do not know where or when they will get their next meal?  School breaks, like the holidays that are fast approaching, add more insecurity with the absence of meals and snacks provided at the schools. 

Click HERE for the 2017 summer video from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee.

How can you help?  It’s so easy.  Just text the word FEED to 243-725 to donate to Feeding the Children of Greeneville and Greene County today.  Text the word FEED to 243-725.  Choose your donation and commit $5.00, $10.00, $25.00 or more to help meet this critical need in our community.

The extra dollars raised through your texting effort will add value and provide for children in all of the school areas during the upcoming holiday recesses.  By adding additional geographic distribution sites in Greene County, the program will circle the children to include those in neighborhoods of need.

Please, on Giving Tuesday, November 28, or before, text the word FEED to 243-725 and make a donation, or call the Laughlin Health Care Foundation at 787-5117.  Helping to feed a local child in need is powered by your donation:  Text FEED to 243-725 to help feed the one in four children in Greeneville and Greene County, who are “food insecure.”  Feeding the Children of Greeneville and Greene County is a program of Laughlin Health Care Foundation.

Thanking you in advance for caring about our children.