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Patient Information - Before You Are Admitted LMH Patient Information

Before You Are Admitted

All patients are required to check-in with the Admissions Department located near ER on the 2nd floor. If you have not pre-registered, you will be required to register at time of admission.

If you doctor has ordered pre-surgical testing, contact our Outpatient Registration at 423-787-5012 three days prior to surgery to schedule tests.

When registering, please discuss any special needs with an Admitting counselor. Special accommodations are available for patients with disabilities.

Patients should bring the following information when registering:

  • Insurance card
  • Medicare/Medicaid card
  • Referral forms your physician (if required by your insurance carrier)
  • Worker's compensation information (if applicable)
  • Driver's license
  • Co-pay or deductible
  • Pre-Admission form (if not previously submitted)

It is the policy of Laughlin Memorial Hospital to provide services to all persons regardless of race, color, age, national origin, sex, religion, or disability. This non-discrimination policy applies to all facilities and programs of the hospital.

Advance Directives
All patients have the right to make decisions about their medical care, including whether or not to refuse medical and surgical treatment and to prepare advance directives. An Advance Directives packet will be provided upon admission. If you are not a patient but would like information about Advance Directives, please feel free to call the Hospital's Social Services Department at 423-787-5026 to request a copy or click on the link above to view and print a copy.

Education Resources
Brochures, pamphlets and videos addressing a variety of health issues are available on each unit. Nurse educators are also available for one-on-one teaching sessions.