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Surgery LMH Services


The department of Surgery at Laughlin Memorial Hospital is committed to providing a safe, professional, and caring environment throughout your surgical experience. We provide spacious operating rooms with the latest technology. Our experienced surgeons, anesthesia providers; and surgically trained staff are available 24 hours a day to meet your surgical needs.

Our number one goal is your safety, to ensure your safety there are many safety protocols that we have in place. Please follow any instructions you are given prior to surgery and at discharge to ensure your safety as well as a great outcome following surgery.

Your surgeon may ask that you be pre-admitted prior to your scheduled procedure. This is to obtain any lab work, x-rays, or other tests your surgeon may have ordered. A Registered Nurse will review your medical history, home medications, and allergies. Your nurse will also discuss with you any prior complications with anesthesia, your surgical procedure and answer any questions you may have. We ask that you bring any home medications you currently take to pre-admission to allow us to provide an appropriate plan of care on the day of surgery.

The preadmission nurse will discuss and provide instructions on:

  • What time to arrive at the hospital for your procedure.
  • Where you will need to go upon arrival to our facility.
  • Diet instructions- according to the type of anesthesia; you will be instructed on what if any foods or fluids you may consume prior to surgery.
  • What you will need to bring with you.
  • Arrangements that will need to made for the day of your surgery. If having an Out patient procedure arrangements for a responsible adult to drive you home after discharge will need to be made.

When you arrive at the facility for your surgery you will be admitted to your room and assessed by a Registered Nurse. If you have any questions prior to your surgery please ask your nurse. A nurse will review your medical history, allergies, and home medications with you. A nurse will discuss your surgical procedure and ask that you sign a surgical consent form.

A nurse will prepare you for your procedure by:

  • Starting an IV if ordered.
  • Administering any pre-operative medications ordered.
  • Marking any bilateral surgical sites.
  • Certain procedures require that you remove jewelry, dentures, partial plates, contacts or eyeglasses. It is best to leave valuables at home that will not be needed.
  • Your surgeon will visit with you prior to surgery. Your surgeon will discuss the procedure, mark your surgical site, and answer any questions you may have.

We ask that a family member stay in your room to obtain updated information during the procedure.

A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) is responsible for administering your anesthetic. During specified hours an anesthetist will be available to talk with you during your preadmission visit. Also, an anesthetist will talk with you prior to your surgery, and will check on you during your post-operative stay in the PACU.

Our Surgery Team
A surgically trained Registered Nurse and Scrub will be with you at all times throughout your procedure. Your nurse will review your medical history, allergies, the last time you had anything to eat or drink, the procedure being preformed, and answer any questions you might have. The Surgical nurse will keep your family updated throughout your procedure. Your surgeon will contact your family when the operation is completed.

After surgery you will be taken to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. You will have a Registered Nurse with you at all times who will give constant expert care until returning to your room. You may feel a little groggy and confused during the early phases of your recovery. Post Surgical discomfort is common; your caregivers will constantly monitor you during your recovery and will rely on your input to keep your pain under control. Medications will be ordered for any discomfort you may feel. A family member will be informed of your condition while occupying the PACU.

You will be returned to your room once recovery is complete.A nurse will monitor your vital signs, surgical site, and manage any discomfort you may feel. You may feel very hungry or thirsty at this time please wait to eat or drink until your nurse instructs you. Your nurse will give you important instructions on your diet and activity level following surgery as well as discharge instructions to follow at home to help aid you in a healthy and quick recovery. Your surgeon will speak with you or your family before being discharged home. If you have any questions you will be given phone numbers to call after you return home. Our Surgical and Nursing Staff are here to assist you in a fast and healthy recovery.