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Ultrasound LMH Services


UltrasoundUltrasound is the use of high-frequency sound waves to create images from within the body. By using these sound waves, images can be obtained of a variety of internal organs and structures. Ultrasound is utilized in studies of the major organs, the heart, blood vessels, and of course, in obstetrics where the unborn fetus can be observed.

Our ultrasound department is ACR-accredited in general, vascular, and obstetric studies. All of our sonographers are by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.

Our sonographers perform studies for Inpatients and ER patients, as well as patients in the Center for Outpatient Care. They also perform exams in the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health; including: Breast Ultrasound, Guided Breast Biopsies, Guided Needle Localization, Pelvic and Obstetric Ultrasounds.

Length of Procedure
Generally 30 to 60 minutes

Post-exam Instructions
Resume normal activities unless your physician has instructed otherwise.

Patients scheduled for an Ultrasound exam are required to register in the Laughlin Center for Outpatient Care (“Outpatient Center”) or the Laughlin Center for Women’s Health. The Center for Outpatient Care is located behind the main hospital, off Old Tusculum Road.

Results of Exam
A radiologist will interpret your exam and a transcribed report will be sent to the ordering physician as quickly as possible.

Requesting Films
If your physician requested you to bring your images to your next office visit, please mention this to the radiology staff, and a CD will be ready for you shortly after your exam.

If anytime after your exam a physician asks you to bring your study images to your office visit, please call the Radiology department at (423) 787-5100 at least 24-hours in advance and a CD will be prepared for you to pick up. CD’s can also be mailed to your physician. The corresponding radiologist’s report will also be on that CD. If you need a paper copy of the report, this must be requested and obtained from the Health Information Management department (formerly “Medical Records department”).

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